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Triple Armed Federal Cavalryman with Sharps Carbine!

Armed to the teeth!

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Killer triple armed sixth plate ambrotype of a Federal cavalryman! Rare view of this horseman armed with a Sharps Carbine. Don’t see carbine images to often and rarely do they give such an excellent view of the firearm as shown here. Dressed in a state issue service jacket and wearing his blue kepi. Crystal clear M1851 eagle waist belt is worn. He apparently likes to live dangerously as this fellow sports a Colt Navy tucked into his belt with the hammer cocked. Brandishing his heavy cavalry saber for the camera as well. Nice, clear image. You can see some rub marks there on the stock of his carbine where it’s been rubbing up against his saddle. Some moderate solarization to this one but carbine images are quite seldom seen. Great view of this cavalryman armed to the teeth and looking for a fight! Housed in a leatherette case.

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