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19th Kentucky Infantry Camp Scene

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Absolutely outstanding carte view of officers from the 19th Kentucky Infantry taken in camp. This would be at their encampment in Baton Rouge where they returned after the dismal failure of the Red River Campaign. They would remain here until being ordered back to Louisville for the purpose of being mustered out of service. Wonderful view of this encampment which looks to be within the town itself. The regiment remained here from May, 1864 until January, 1865. You can see numerous canvas tents with a white picket fence and more building’s further to the rear. The large tent to the left looks to be possibly the mess hall. A number of muskets are stacked in the foreground along with the national and regimental colors. Off to the right are 8 officers from the regiment. The gentleman seated to the far left is General Albert Lindey Lee. Seated in the center is the colonel of the regiment Colonel William Jennings Landram who would receive a brevet to brig-general in March of 1865. I’m not sure who the other officers are but a little investigating could probably turn up the id’s of most of them. Very nice tinting to this one with the flags and even then leaves on the tree’s colored. Nice period ink id on the front of the page. This came from the personal album Nimrod Hendren who served as a corporal with the regiment. Just a killer carte view that I highly doubt you will ever find another of!

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