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1st Sergeant Charles Tucker 112th New York Infantry

Killed during the Siege of Suffolk

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Superb carte view of 1st sergeant Charles Tucker of the 112th New York Volunteer Infantry. The 26 year old New Yorker would muster with Company H in August of 1862. The following January he would be promoted to sergeant and then shortly there after to 1st sergeant. Starting on the 12th of April,1863, the regiment would take part in the lengthy Siege of Suffolk. The following day, Charles would be wounded and would succumb to the wound on the 14th at Camp Suffolk, Virginia. This view shows Charles dressed in his splendid new 1st sergeant’s uniform. A period ink id is written across the top front of the card reading “Chaney Tucker”. Extensive research has determined that there were no men by that name that served during the conflict from any state. There were in total, 113 men who served during the war with a first name starting with a “C” and the last name of Tucker. Of those, only one managed to obtain the rank of 1st sergeant. Charles Tucker of the 112th New York Infantry. Back marked out of Medina, New York which is less than 2 hours from the location where Charles would enlist in Chautauqua, New York.

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