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Brothers Louis and Ludwig Reifsteck 4th Missouri Infantry

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Drop dead beautiful sixth plate ruby ambrotype. Condition wise they don’t come much nicer. These two men are Louis and Ludwig Reifsteck of Missouri. The two brothers are handsomely dressed in grey greatcoats and sporting red caps. Which brother is which I’m not exactly sure but a little research could answer that question as one brother is noticably taller than the other. One brother sports a buff white two-piece waist belt with his sash tied around the waist. The scabbard hangs at his side for the ornamental sword which he shoulders. The other wears a US waist belt with a shiney new cap box and an empty bayonet scabbard. A small pocket knife which he has unfolded and open is tucked into his belt. The two brothers would head off to war together serving in the Gasconade Missouri Home Guard which would morph into the 4th Missouri Infantry. The regiment was made up almost entirely by German immigrants. This view probably dates to around that time as the unit was raised during the winter of 1861 and early part of January, 1862. About one of the nicest ambro’s you will ever own. This one comes housed in a full thermoplastic case.

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