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Lieutenant Colonel William Halleck 83rd New York Volunteer Infantry

Died of Disease

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Absolutely beautiful carte view of Lieutenant Colonel William Halleck of New York City. At 38 years of age and prior military service serving as major of the 55th New York State Militia, Halleck was a well disciplined officer. In late May of 1861, William would be commissioned lieutenant colonel of the 83rd New York Volunteer Infantry. The regiment would be mustered in at Washington in June before taking part in the Harpers Ferry fiasco the following month losing 4 men. The remainder of 1861 would be spent serving along the Potomac in Maryland and Harper’s Ferry. Halleck would however fall ill and would return to New York to recuperate. He would never recover. “Consumption” would claim his life on January 6, 1862. His death recorded in the regimental history titled “Three Years Campaign Of The Ninth NYSM during the Southern Rebellion”. “TUESDAY 7th. – A day of sad and distressing news, throwing a dark shadow over the regiment – News was received in camp, that our beloved Lieutenant Colonel, William Halleck, who was home on a leave of absence, died of consumption, while surrounded by his family often in Camp Smith, when everything was quiet, could be heard his coughing, whilst others slept, and the night that we left that camp, expecting to cross into Virginia, he commanded the regiment in the absence of the Colonel, and the next day when companies A, D, and L were ordered to cross over to Harrison’s Island, he was eager to command them, but Brigadier General Stone, knowing that it would be certain destruction to do so, countermanded the order. Lieutenant Colonel Halleck wished to lay his life down for his country, and was willing to die on the field of battle. The officers met and passed resolutions of sympathy and condolence, which were sent to the bereaved family of their respected Lieutenant Colonel.”. Beautiful carte view of the colonel dressed in his splendid double breasted frock. He wear’s a two-piece waist belt with a holstered revolver well displayed. A beautiful presentation sword is held in hand. So clear is this image, that you can see the etching on the blade. Back marked by Gurney & Son. Just an absolutely beautiful view!

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