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Outstanding Double Cased Pair Flag Bearer Tintype’s

Outstanding group of images!

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Beautiful and pristine pair of sixth plate tintype’s of this Federal soldier posed with Old Glory! The two views taken during the same sitting. The first view shows this infantryman dressed in his frock coat seated sideways in the chair. His cap rests on his knee while one hand rests on the pommel of a M1840 sword. In the other he holds the flag staff from which the American flag hangs limp along his side. The second view shows the same soldier striking a Napoleonic pose with his hand tucked into the fold of his coat. He is again posed with the flag and staff which he holds at his side. No doubt something he took great pride in as the flag is predominately displayed in both views. Beautiful red, white and blue tinting to the flag. Really a stunning pair of views. This has been incorrectly identified as a member of the 13th Vermont Volunteer Infantry killed at Gettysburg. Wishful thinking. These two views are accompanied by 4 civilian views, one of which is this soldier which has a faint pencil id behind the image which appears to read “T. H. Smith” although I am not 100% sure of the first initial. However, the 3 other civilian views which are housed in this case, which presumably consist of his wife, a daughter and two other family members are all clearly identified. It should be rather easy to put a name to this soldier with a little research. The two views of the soldier come housed in a very nice double cased thermoplastic case. The four civilian views come housed in a very rare quadruple book case. I would love to research this further as there is quite possibly a story to be told but I just don’t have the time. Exceptional grouping of images!

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