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Rare Carte View 3rd New Jersey Cavalry

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Exceptional carte view of an unidentified member of the 3rd New Jersey Cavalry know as the “Butterflies”. The 3rd New Jersey was one of only two Hussar regiments to serve during the war. Referred to as the “Butterflies” due to the elaborate uniform worn by the regiment. Issued a Austrian inspired blue uniform with yellow herringbone trim across the chest and cuff braid. They were issued a unique cap with no peak and the numeral 3 on the front. This Hussar sits dressed complete in all his glory minus the hooded cloak the men were issued. They would first take the field at the Wilderness and would fight in another dozen engagements up to Appomattox. Unfortunately this man is unidentified despite my best attempts to do so. No back mark on this one. Wonderful view of one of the most famous units from the war!

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