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William S. Drew 15th Vermont Volunteer Infantry ID Tag

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Id tag belonging William Drew of the 15th Vermont Volunteer Infantry. William would muster as a corporal with Company I in October, 1862. For some unknown reason he would request to be reduced in rank to private the following month. Most of 1863 would be spent performing picket duty in the vicinity of Occoquan Creek and Fairfax Court House. While here they would be engaged in minor skirmishing and defending Fairfax from possible Confederate attack. During the spring of 1864 the 15th was attached to the 22nd Army Corps and moved to Union Mills. June 25th, they would begin the march for Gettysburg. Arriving on July 1st, the regiment was ordered to the left of Cemetery Hill after joining with the 13th, 14th and 16th Vermont. The following morning they were placed in support of the artillery batteries on Cemetery Hill. About noon, with reported attacks on the ammunition train by Stuart’s cavalry, they were ordered to the rear to over take the train and guard it for the remainder of the battle. Following the battle they would join in the pursuit of Lee’s Army. Two days later Lee would be safely on the other side of the Potomac and the 15th would board cars headed for home. William would be present for the entire term of his enlistment and was discharged August 5, 1863. This one is stamped “WILLIAM S. DREW CO.I 15th VT VOLS BARTON, VT”. The reverse bears a profile bust view of General McClellan which we don’t see as often as the eagle motif. Very nice patina on this one with most of the gold wash gone and wear to McClellan’s bust giving evidence that William did in fact wear this one for some time. Very nice tag.

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