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Stunning 1850’s Relievo Mourning Quarter Plate Ambrotype

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Flawless quarter plate relievo ambrotype of this young woman who looks rather saddened. This example dates to the mid to late 1850’s. She appears to be in the stage of mourning known as the “third mourning” or “half-mourning”. These were the latter stages of the mourning process. This stage of mourning allowed for white collars and cuffs to be worn as well as changing the dress color from black to a lighter color such as grey or lavender. The black silk head piece was to be retained and jewelry was to be changed from all black to gold and black at this stage. She is in fact wearing gold and black earrings and we can see the black silk head piece in place and a grey dress worn. She sits slightly turned away from the camera with a look of great sadness worn upon her face as she gazes of to one side appearing to be in deep thought. Her dark, large curls hang lazily along side her face. Absolutely beautiful image and one can sympathize with her pain depicted here. This does come housed in a full leatherette case.

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